What we do

We find practical solutions to disposable packaging that often ends up as waste.  We believe that the use of such solutions requires a behavior change that is driven not just by an individual, but by companies, governments and communities that partner within a common value system working to change collective behavior. Our goal is to reduce waste by reusing. Become a ReUser!

Global Mission

Our mission at Platos Table is to heighten community awareness in order to eradicate senseless packaging waste starting with single-use take-out containers.  We have invented and produced reusable container solutions to replace disposable containers for food takeout called Reusers TM

Our Unique product

Platos Table LLC has developed ReUsers TM, a polypropylene BPA-free, child-safe reusable food box container.   The purpose of this sustainable product is to reduce single use food packaging waste including polystyrene products. ReUsers TM are dishwasher safe and microwaveable. ReUsers™ most unique feature is that it folds flat for ease of storage and portability. See More...

How to Assemble

How it works... It's a snap, take a look.

Change our world by passing on reusing tips and recommending ReUsers TM to your friends and restaurants. Want one?  Email us.

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